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Digital File FTP Instructions

E-mail may be used to send advertising files to The Nation only if they are smaller than one megabyte. Larger files should be sent via FTP or via AdTransit.

Sending advertising materials to The Nation via Anonymous FTP

FTP software such as CuteFTP (Windows) or Fetch (Mac) needs to be installed on your computer to send files this way.

Using FTP client software, connect to https://nation.exavault.com/. Use nationads as the login name and  nationads as the password. (Note: For some FTP clients this login/password may appear automatically.)

You will be in a directory called "all files and folders." This is the correct place to upload advertising files. Upload ad material to the folder with the corresponding issue date. Contact ad sales rep when materials have been uploaded.



  • FTP software is needed to enter the site. It cannot be accessed from a Web browser.
  • Files need to be stuffed or zipped prior to uploading.
  • If you get a "Permission Denied" error, ignore it. The message means you're not allowed to read the contents of the directory, but you can still write to it.

Contact: Ellen Bollinger at (212) 209-5415 or ellen@thenation.com to notify her the file has been sent. Please provide the file name. Ellen will confirm its receipt.


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