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Advertising Placements

Ad placements throughout the site include rectangles (300x250), half-page ads (300x600), and leaderboards (728x90).*
TheNation.com provides the following targeting options and content sections to assist you in customizing your campaign:

*For desktop, tablets and mobile. Mobile devices also offer a 320x50 banner (15K max for static jpg/png/gif and 35K max for rich media/expand html5/javascript/animated gif).

Targeting options:

  • Frequency cap
  • Day/evening part
  • Geo-targeting
  • Content targeting

Content channels:

  • Politics & Government (US and International), Activism & Organizing, War & Peace
  • Blogs
  • Multimedia
  • Books & the Arts
  • Media, Internet, Business, Economics, Law & Justice
  • Green Economy, Health, Science & Environment
  • Human Rights, Labor, Gender & Sexuality, Race, Ethnicity & Religion
  • Nation Classroom (Teacher's Guide), Student Nation, Youth, Education & Children

TheNation.com supports the following advertising formats:

  • IAB Universal Ad Package accepted
  • Rich and Flash media accepted
  • User-initiated expanding ads (See specs below)


  • CPM-based rates
  • Minimum purchase of $2,500 within a 12-month period

Rates subject to inventory availability. Please contact us for customized proposal based on the parameters of your campaign.

Specs & Requirements

TheNation.com provides creative advertising solutions to help your business or organization achieve its marketing and promotional objectives. We offer a variety of rich media formats to assist you in obtaining a high return on your advertising investment.

Ad Product Dimensions File Size Non-Rich Media File Size Rich Media Animation Limit
Half-page (Premium) 300x600 30k 40k GIF 5 cycles, Rich Media 3 cycles
Medium Rectangle 300x250 20k 30k GIF 5 cycles, Rich Media 3 cycles
Leaderboard 728x90 20k 30k GIF 5 cycles, Rich Media 3 cycles
Mobile Leaderboard* 320x50 15K 35K GIF 5 cycles, Rich Media 3 cycles

*Mobile devices only.

Note: Third-party redirects cannot exceed 40k.

User-Initiated Expanding Ad Creative Guidelines:

Expanding ads are subject to frequency capping.

Expanded portion must close within 15 seconds and be clearly marked with a "Close X" button in at least 10-point type in the upper right corner of the expanded portion of the ad.

Expanded portion must automatically close when the user's cursor moves off the ad.

Ads that expand upon mouse-over must clearly indicate their rollover functionality with "roll over to expand," "roll over to learn more" or similar wording.

Expanding big boxes must be able to open to the left.

Expanding leaderboards must be able to expand down.

Expanding ads may only be viewed on certain browsers and operating system platforms.

The Nation.com will test expanding ads and will not show the ad in any browsers or operating systems where the technology causes system instability.

Ad Product Dimensions Maximum Expanding Size File Size Non-Rich Media File Size Rich Media Animation Limit
Medium Rectangle 300x250 610x250 30k 40k GIF 5 cycles, Rich Media 3 cycles
Leaderboard 728x90 728x360 30k 40k GIF 5 cycles, Rich Media 3 cycles

Flash Creative

The initial size of the Flash file cannot exceed 40k.

A backup gif or jpg image file (maximum file size is 25k) must be provided for browsers without the Flash plugin. This image should follow the specifications of an image ad of that size.

For the ad to click through properly, an invisible/transparent click layer button must be added on the topmost layer of the Flash file.

Attach this command to the invisible/transparent layer:

on (release) {
if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") {

Do not edit the "http:" part of the clicktag, the clickthrough link is added later within the ad trafficking system.

Flash movies must be published as ActionScript 2 movies, ActionScript 3 is not accepted at this time.

Non-Flash Digital Video

Audio for video ads must be user-initiated.

Video players should gracefully accommodate both aspect ratios (4:3 or 16:9) by adding color bands or adjusting the player size to fit.

Accepted video durations:

  • · Short-form video creative (a "bumper," 3-10 seconds in length)
  • · 60-second spots

At least one of the following formats for companion ads: JPEG, GIF, PNG and SWF (Adobe Flash).


EmailNation / HeadlineNation / Books & Arts / Feminist Roundup / Take Action

Rectangle Ad Specifications:

  • Ad Size: 570x70*
  • Maximum file size: 40K
  • Animation Limit: 5 cycles
  • No SWF Flash files are accepted for EmailNation

*The Nation will resize 728x90 ad for eNewsletters.

Dedicated Sponsors Policies & Requirements:

  • The Nation reserves the right to reject any and all dedicated sponsors for reasons of taste, politics and/or sensibility.
  • Ads must be delivered to the Nation (jleeman@thenation.com) two business days prior to the scheduled mailing.
  • Each dedicated e-mail should be no longer than 250 words. It can contain as many links as desired.
  • The Nation will not send more than one dedicated advertiser e-mail per week.
  • All images included in the HTML code of the dedicated e-mail should be static (no Flash files will be accepted), under 40K, and included as separate JPGs or GIFs from the dedicated e-mail. The table width on dedicated e-mails can be no more than 684 pixels (table width="684").
  • If sending HTML, provide a text-only version as well.
  • A logo on white background must be provided, preferably in eps format, though gif/jpg/png may be accepted.


By advertising, you and your agency represent that your material is properly authorized and that any necessary consents have been obtained. By advertising, you and your agency jointly and severally indemnify The Nation Company, LP, and all of its employees and agents against all legal claims, actions and expenses. We reserve the right to reject any material we deem inconsistent with our standards. However, The Nation has a strong presumption against censoring any advertisement. Rates are subject to correction.

Andrew Pedersen
Associate Publisher Sales

Ellen Bollinger
Vice President, Advertising

The Nation
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