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Less than a hour after George Bush concluded his party's
have-a-nice-election convention with a vapid but beyond-the-expectations
acceptance speech, a source deep within the Gore camp called me

Democrats gather in Los Angeles facing large questions not just about
their success in November but also about the direction of their party.
George W.

A part of me recoils at the thought of adding even a syllable to the
ocean of pontifical sludge emanating from the Republican confab in
Philadelphia, so mind-numbingly inane and diligently dece

In this gilded-age election, big money is speaking louder than ever. And
voters and large contributors to both parties agree that when money
talks, politicians listen.

Ralph Nader, America's indomitable public citizen, is the one great man
in this presidential election.

It must be some playful new postmodernist form of politics: First you
spend years ranting about the plutocracy that has supplanted American
democracy and is rapidly devouring the planet.

On the eve of the Democratic convention, the challenge to Democrats is
to recognize the limits of the current economic boom and act boldly to
assist those left behind.

The draft Democratic Party platform doesn't speak forcefully to the
concerns of ordinary people.

So ABC is arranging its convention coverage around an exhibition football game. NBC is giving us just the acceptance speeches.


At this point, Sarah Palin is just another member of the media. 

July 19, 2010

West Virginia's new senator got no votes from the people, just an appointment from his former boss -- the government. Yet, he will vote on every major issue facing the country for the next four months. That's anti-democratic and we should amend the Constitution to address these abuses.

July 18, 2010

The world's shortest reviews and more reflections on the Obama presidency.

July 16, 2010

Responses to Eric's marathon Obama article and an open letter to Benjamin Netanyahu.

July 15, 2010

Kennedy declared that " 'The Rights of Man'—the civil and economic rights essential to the human dignity of all men—are indeed our goal and are indeed our first principle."

July 15, 2010

Obama claims the legislation soon to be voted on in the Senate will prevent future financial meltdowns. But the Wisconsin Democrat says that simply is not the case.

July 14, 2010

Eric Alterman asks, should Americans be proud of what Obama has done so far, or has he succeeded only in passing weak reforms?

July 13, 2010

Embattled RNC chair Michael Steele could learn a few things from Howard Dean's turbulent start at the DNC.

July 12, 2010

Reflections on Lebron. Plus: See me in New York on Tuesday. 


July 10, 2010

A recap of the week in politics and media, with Palin, Weigel and beetles.

July 9, 2010