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Alex Gibney's new film Casino Jack tells the complete story of Jack Abramoff—and his victims.

The men behind the money that made Bush now want to claim the Clinton campaign. Is someone cooking the books at Hillary Inc.?

Giuliani's conservative kingmaker knows all about the ugly side of Third World debt. He invented it.

A closer look at the Texas energy interests fueling the former New York mayor's presidential campaign.

Can left-leaning Jews coalesce into a lobby to offset the influence of AIPAC?

When Max Baucus, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, is every lobbyist's best friend, is economic reform possible?

American Jews are liberals and support Democrats. Why, then, do Jewish
organizations, supported by contributions of liberal Jews, strategize
with Republicans on how to smear these same Democrats?

The Justice Department meddled in a case against Jack Abramoff in Guam
in 2002; last week, Bush nominated the current Abramoff prosecutor to
the federal bench. Can the DOJ credibly continue this investigation?

Leaders of the Christian right are paying the price as evidence mounts
of their complicity in a sordid GOP gambling-industry scheme.

Scandals abound in the smoking remains of the Alexander Strategy


Despite press chatter of a civil war, there’s no evidence big business has divorced the GOP or Tea Party. 

October 30, 2013

Predatory lenders are using a front group to fight back against against government oversight. 

October 28, 2013

It was early, but for a moment I thought I was reading something important in an ad in The New York Times. Someone was paying attention to our nation's teetering imbalance! (Not.)

October 25, 2013

Former Senator Bayh appeared on Fox News this morning to call for a repeal of the medical-device tax without disclosing his ties to the industry. 

October 13, 2013

A corporate lobbyist says his party should “nominate Republicans who have a belief in the Constitution as it’s supposed to work out.”

October 9, 2013

The Conservative Action Project, the organization orchestrating the shutdown strategy, is run by a cabal of evangelical and radical-right leaders. 

October 8, 2013

A letter signed by over seventy right-wing lawmakers was authored by a medical device tax industry group, metadata shows.

September 28, 2013

The House Republican plan to hold the debt ceiling hostage in exchange for over twenty corporate giveaways violates their ethics pledge, which calls for advancing major legislation only “one issue at a time.”

September 26, 2013

Campaign consultants and health insurance agents stand to gain from sabatoging the rollout of health reform. 

September 25, 2013

When the government is worried that you might abuse that second bottle of NyQuil, it’s not unreasonable to put limits on gun purchases.

September 24, 2013