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As minimum wage battles flare around the country, the nation’s capital leads the way with a significant increase.

Activists Around the US Fight to Raise the Minimum Wage

At a time when 4.5 million Americans make at or below the minimum wage, a broad coalition unites to demand better pay. 

Jim Evans, chair of the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance

A campaign that brought together African-Americans and undocumented workers stopped an anti-immigrant bill in its tracks.

Low-wage workers in hotels near Los Angeles International Airport are the latest to benefit from the city's living-wage law, riding a wave of considerable political momentum.

Seeing the limits of living-wage laws, activists seek a raise for all workers.

A vast impoverished population languishes in the midst of our economy.

There's a growing movement to add livable hours to calls for a living wage.


The “tip credit” or “subminimum wage” system basically leaves it up to the consumer to provide the bulk of workers’ earnings. So the customer is always right in determining the worth of a worker’s labor.

March 31, 2014

Thrity-two people were arrested at an SEIU-organized rally for liveable wages and a paid Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday.

January 21, 2014

Honor Dr. King by fighting for a minimum wage hike big enough to lift families out of poverty.

January 20, 2014

Hundreds of Amazon workers in Germany walk off the job in opposition to stressful working conditions and low pay.

December 16, 2013

Fox News deceptively attacks the minimum wage.

December 5, 2013

Republicans and Democrats actually agree: “We can’t build a strong economy on jobs that pay so little that families can’t live on them.”

December 5, 2013

Workers are demanding $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation.

December 4, 2013

This Black Friday, protesters across the country turned out in opposition to Walmart’s poor treatment of workers.

November 29, 2013

Protesters will demand more working hours, higher wages and an end to punitive actions against Walmart workers.

November 27, 2013

If a company’s employees don't have enough money for food, it’s time to raise wages.

November 18, 2013