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Joseph Stiglitz's Freefall, Mark Weiss's The Whole Island and Robert Darnton's The Case for Books.

Climate scientist James Hansen's new book, Storms of My Grandchildren, looks at what's necessary to stop global warming.

Who was to blame for Clifford Irving's fake Howard Hughes autobiography? Irving, for sure, but don't forget the publishing industry.

Thomas Chatterton was the balloon boy of eighteenth-century British literary circles.

The maverick opinions of a a maverick reporter.

Why are so many people so scared? Maybe it's because of our rulers' enormous 'fear machine.' So says Eduardo Galeano, in this rare interview.

Folklorist Archie Green blows the dust off old coal-mining songs, revealing the souls of long-dead miners and their struggles to survive.

Percy Harrison Fawcett went to the Amazon looking for paradise. He never returned.

Elaine Blair In The Queue, Vladimir Sorokin offers a biting and hilarious portrait of a central ritual of Soviet life.