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Sen. Patty Murray

With a two-seat gain while chair of the DSCC and a successful effort to get a budget through the Senate under her belt, Patty Murray has become a major force in the Senate.


The prominent liberal think tank still skirts questions about its donors.

Wall Street

The Republicans, with the exception of a few die-hard libertarians, always do the bidding of the banks that finance them, but the Democrats are just as eager to pig out at the bankers’ trough.

Afghan patrol

From North Africa to the Middle East to China’s Central Asian border, how many years will it be?

IRS building

It’s absurd to expect agency auditors to sort out confusing, outdated campaign finance laws and regulations.

Justice Department

In the name of homeland security, the US has spent seven years and untold dollars silencing one man.

In his film, Dirty Wars, Jeremy Scahill unveils America's extrajudicial, covert, transcontinental battlefield. 


America’s covert warfare—a bizarre form of unconscious wish fulfillment—warrants Scahill’s unembedded, dogged, independent reporting.

His next appointee for FCC chair could determine whether robber barons consolidate their domination of the public discourse.

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins pulled off a huge upset in a state legislative race by showing that he cared.


Inside the battle for healthcare reform. Plus: Two must-see videos and a special honor for The Nation.

July 2, 2010

As Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan prepares for her confirmation hearings this week, it's an appropriate time to revisit—and retire—the famous "justice as umpire" analogy that Chief Justice Roberts trotted at his own confirmation hearings.

June 29, 2010

When Republican senators try to block a Supreme Court nominee by attacking Thurgood Marshall and the powerless, it's a pretty good bet that she'll be confirmed. 

June 28, 2010

The arguments against poorly-structured sanctions against Iran were that they would undermine democracy movements, stir anti-U.S. sentiment and do nothing to promote disarmament. Unfortunately, most members of Congress refused to listen. Only 8 wise members voted "no."

June 27, 2010

Texas Congressman Barton speaks from the heart about his sympathy for BP then thinks better of it. Unfortunately, his fellow conservatives didn't get the cease-and-desist order.

June 18, 2010

Appropriations Committee chair David Obey says he will withhold action on supplemental spending request until action is taken to meet domestic needs.

June 16, 2010

On Joe Lieberman, Mickey Kaus in the Senate and the state of the corporate oligarchy. 

June 11, 2010

Carly Fiorina claims to have created jobs and balanced budgets. That's about as truthful as BP's self-proclaimed environmental stewardship.

June 11, 2010

Daniel Ellsberg doesn't ask much of members of Congress -- just that they obey their oath to defend the Constitution. Unfortunately, that's too much to ask of most members and most of the challengers. That's why Ellsberg's endorsement of California candidate Marcy Winograd is worth noting.

June 7, 2010

Barbara Lee, the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Keith Ellison say: "We urge you to take this tragedy as a catalyst to end the blockade on Gaza and to honor the dead and wounded on both sides by working to ensure a full, fair, and transparent investigation."

June 5, 2010