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Sure, greedy consumers play their part. But George W. Bush is responsible for the five-fold increase in the price of oil.

After eight years of misgovernment, Americans must join together to restore our democracy, the rule of law, and our nation's moral standing on history's high road.

How have the Saudis thanked George W. Bush for protecting their sorry oil well of a country? Just check the price of gas.

Think you can tell the difference between McCain and Bush? Take the Bush-McCain challenge!

New revelations of political interference in the prosecution of Gitmo
prisoners shows Team Bush scrambling to keep one step ahead of
history--and of criminal charges.

Two outrageous statements by Bush and Cheney demonstrate their scorn and
contempt for the American people and for the armed forces they command.

Presiding over a disastrous war and an unconscionable taxpayer bailout of Wall Street, why is George W. Bush still smiling?

Bush has made history by being the first American President to use his veto power to preserve torture.

In his recent memoir, former GOP insider Lincoln Chafee boldly decries the Bush era.

Curb your enthusiasm. No matter who wins, we can't reverse the damage of Bush's bloated military budget.


With a groundbreaking new book, veteran antiwar activist David Swanson argues that: "The oil in the [war] machine is lies. The monkey wrench we can throw into the gears is public resistance to being lied to."

November 23, 2010

When John Kerry appeared at the convention for the most important speech of his lifetime, he showed how the screw can turn. What was his not-so-secret weapon?

November 9, 2010

Kanye West wasn't just calling George W. Bush a racist. He was, essentially, calling Bush a traitor.

November 9, 2010

Jeremy Scahill asks why former President George Bush deserves positive recognition for his contributions to the Iraq War.

September 2, 2010

 Bush uses Clinton as Kleenex.

March 24, 2010