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As Bush continues to insist the US is bringing peace and freedom to
Iraq, his latest plan to quell the insurgency spends billions more to
stem the use of improvised explosive devices.

Bush's low approval rating is irrelevant, considering who is still on his side.

The Dubai flap is no surprise, considering Bush always promised to run
America like a corporation--even if the corporation is Enron.

Opposition to President Bush's visit to India was so intense
that the only public space deemed acceptable for him to deliver a
speech is a crumbling old fort that also houses the Delhi zoo.

Rather than undermine Hamas, the Bush Administration should accept the
results of the Palestinian election and pursue a policy of cautious

Although his language is less blatant than Richard Nixon's, George
Bush is claiming the same imperial powers today that led Congress to
pass the Foreign Intelligence Security Act.

George W. Bush's irrational governance has wrought yet another outrage:
The Administration's $2.77-trillion budget request.


With a groundbreaking new book, veteran antiwar activist David Swanson argues that: "The oil in the [war] machine is lies. The monkey wrench we can throw into the gears is public resistance to being lied to."

November 23, 2010

When John Kerry appeared at the convention for the most important speech of his lifetime, he showed how the screw can turn. What was his not-so-secret weapon?

November 9, 2010

Kanye West wasn't just calling George W. Bush a racist. He was, essentially, calling Bush a traitor.

November 9, 2010

Jeremy Scahill asks why former President George Bush deserves positive recognition for his contributions to the Iraq War.

September 2, 2010

 Bush uses Clinton as Kleenex.

March 24, 2010