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Jon Stewart does a hilarious job of comparing Obama and Bush's very different styles of conducting press conferences.

Throughout George W. Bush's presidency we laughed at Will Ferrell's impersonations to keep from crying.

The Turkish manufacturer that made the shoe that an Iraqi journalist threw at Bush earlier this month has been inundated by several hundred thousand orders.

Don't assume that the end of the Bush administration marks the end of the imperial presidency he established.

The loathing that led an Iraqi to hurl shoes at Bush serves as the world's final verdict on US folly in Iraq. It's also a caution for Obama as he ponders Afghanistan.

The Nation's Dave Zirin joins Rachel Maddow to discuss potential abuses when government agencies are given carte blanche.

Everyone was baffled by the President's use of the term "time horizon" for withdrawal from Iraq. But when you consider the term's origin on Wall Street, it makes perfect, cynical sense.

The Nation's Ari Melber and Jon Pincus tackle FISA, Elizabeth Holtzman talks impeachment--plus more on war resisters in Canada and the subprime mortgage crisis.

At the G-8 Summit, he can help bear the brunt of climate damage caused by the developing world. But don't hold your breath.

If we don't act now, future generations will see that a weapon intended to defend the rule of law grew rusty and unusable on our watch.


With a groundbreaking new book, veteran antiwar activist David Swanson argues that: "The oil in the [war] machine is lies. The monkey wrench we can throw into the gears is public resistance to being lied to."

November 23, 2010

When John Kerry appeared at the convention for the most important speech of his lifetime, he showed how the screw can turn. What was his not-so-secret weapon?

November 9, 2010

Kanye West wasn't just calling George W. Bush a racist. He was, essentially, calling Bush a traitor.

November 9, 2010

Jeremy Scahill asks why former President George Bush deserves positive recognition for his contributions to the Iraq War.

September 2, 2010

 Bush uses Clinton as Kleenex.

March 24, 2010