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Witnesses whose false testimony sent Troy Davis to death row are now trying to do the right thing. Will Georgia?

Would Illinois rather keep an innocent man behind bars than admit a mistake?

Now that New Mexico has ditched the death penalty, not much will change--except for the worse.

As executions resume in the wake of a Supreme Court decision, we are reminded that a life cannot be willfully ended without violence.

After years of performing executions at a pace that scares the bejesus out of the civilized world, Texas has put the brakes on its machine as the Supreme Court considers lethal injection.

History sheds no new light on their guilt or innocence. But it does make clear that their trial and execution was an unjust and intolerable act of barbarism.

The latest Supreme Court ruling on the death penalty will give prosecutors huge latitude to pick jurors who enthusiastically embrace capital punishment.

Billy Sothern, member of the legal team that represented Patrick Kennedy, convicted of child rape, in a landmark Supreme Court death penalty decision this week, explained the issues at stake in this 2007 essay.

As the US Attorney purge scandal intensifies, new light is shed on federal prosecutors' struggles with the Justice Department over the death penalty.

The time has come for the US to join the rest of civilized nations and abolish capital punishment.


GOP front-runner Perry says he “never struggled” with questions about whether Texas is wrongfully executing death row inmates. But the High Court has intervened to say Perry should have struggled with the question of whether a Houston man's death sentence was based on racially biased “evidence.”

September 16, 2011

Facing a shortage of lethal injection drugs, some death penalty states have begun switching up the drug cocktail used in executions—but is this experimentation legal?

May 24, 2011

As a seven-month national moratorium on executions comes to an end, where does the student movement against the death penalty go?

September 9, 2008