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An excerpt from Victor Navasky's The O'Dell File reveals the story of the civil rights movement's 'unsung hero' who has been wrongly written out of the pages of history.

Memorial for Eric Garner

Eric Garner’s death marks a darkening mood fifty years after Freedom Summer.

Selma to Montgomery march, 1965. (Bruce Davidson/Magnum)

A history of the fight for voting rights and the movement to restrict them once again.


Fifty years after the March on Washington, Dr. King’s most famous speech, like his own political legacy, is widely misunderstood.

Rosa Parks

The memorial to Parks turned her into a meek and redemptive figure—instead of the radical freedom fighter she was until the end of her life.


In The Passage of Power, Robert Caro shows that LBJ’s brilliance as a politician lay not in his idealism but his opportunism.

In The Expendable Man, the story of an innocent under suspicion is given a racial twist.

Diana Sumner (left), Howard Bloch and Angela Davis, Biarritz, France, 1963

Angela Davis’s student years in France were an alchemy of discipline and distraction.

James Baldwin

The Cross of Redemption tells the story of James Baldwin as a working writer: casual, lax and preachy, but also honest, angry and brilliant.

Why is Haley Barbour so eager to turn Mississippi into a civil rights tourist attraction?


Baldwin published his first piece in The Nation, and for many years thereafter continued to attack a system he thought as close to anarchy as to martial law.

August 10, 2013

How does the movie The Help "photoshop" American history?

February 27, 2012