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Because we have not held Dick Cheney and the other war criminals accountable for their crude distortion of international law, torture continues to sneak into our national dialogue as a viable option for intelligence gathering.

With Fair Game—the new film based on their experience—now in theaters, Plame and Wilson dropped by Brave New Studios to talk about the film and the Bush administration's culpability for the leak.

Nine years after 9/11, hatred of Islam has infected many Americans. How else can we explain the opposition to an Islamic community center two blocks away from where the attacks took place?

Bush's plotless dream, smoking drones and other strange tales from the crypt.

Charlotte Dennett is running for Vermont attorney general on a platform that includes not letting George W. Bush get away with murder.

Why does the fraudulence of the Republican machine remain so widely known and so persistently ignored?

The Libby trial exposed the truth about who really pulls the strings in the Bush White House.

Why should the Vice President have a national security adviser to begin with?


Clinton reverts back to one of the worst Bush-era tropes on the war.

June 16, 2014

What we see when we see the photos of the first twenty detainees the Bush administration transferred to Camp X-Ray.

January 11, 2011