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Nation Conversations features exclusive audio of Nation forums, events, seminars and salons.

Juan Cole and Katrina vanden Heuvel: Do We Belong in Libya?

The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel speaks with Middle East scholar Juan Cole about his open letter to the left on Libya.

Nation Conversations: Jesse Jackson on the Energy of Egypt in Wisconsin

The civil rights leader explains how the protests in Cairo and Madison have broken our "cynical disbelief" and revealed that people have the power to change their situations.

Nation Conversations: Jesse Jackson: Without Collective Bargaining, Workers Face Private Begging

The fight in Wisconsin, Jackson urges, cannot be about public worker versus private worker: defeating Governor Walker's bill would be a victory for all workers.

Nation Conversations: Jane McAlevey on Why Unions Are Not the Problem

Instead of giving in to the conservative campaign to demonize organized labor, progressives should push to secure higher benefits for all workers.

Nation Conversations: Janet Elise Johnson on Iceland's Feminist Successes

Johnson explains how the tiny Nordic country came to be the most feminist place on earth.

Nation Conversations: Carne Ross on Diplomacy and WikiLeaks

The former British diplomat recounts his own whistleblowing and the benefits and dangers of the WikiLeaks dipomatic cables dump.

Nation Conversations: Wendell Potter on the Health Insurance Industry's Lock on Congress

As Republicans gear up to challenge Obama's healthcare reform legislation, former insurance executive Potter explains how the move to repeal is a smokescreen for the health insurance industry's true motives.

Nation Conversations: Jesse Jackson on Progressive Politics in the Obama Era

If you're disappointed with Obama, Rev. Jesse Jackson has a reminder for you: American presidents haven't done many great things without a mass movement pushing them every step of the way.

Nation Conversations: National Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske on the Possibility of Reform under Obama

The Nation's Sasha Abramsky and Obama's Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske, speak at length about the administration's drug reform agenda.

Nation Conversations: Ari Berman, Tim Egan and Eli Sanders on the Democrats' Future

For Berman, Obama's grassroots victory in 2008 built heavily on the fifty-state electoral strategy which Howard Dean pursued as DNC chairman. But in a political climate far different than the one that brought Obama to power, how can the Democrats harness this enthusiasm once again?