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Nation Conversations features exclusive audio of Nation forums, events, seminars and salons.

Sharif Kouddous: Is Egypt's Revolution Over?

One year after their revolution, Egyptians are facing a much deeper struggle.

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto: Latino Voters Go Beyond Immigration

To reconnect with the Latino vote that helped elect him in 2008, Obama needs to take two important steps.

Spencer Woodman: Can Walmart Be Unionized?

Faced with the retail giant's continued suppression and intimidation, Walmart workers have found untraditional ways to unionize.

Nation Conversations: Lizzy Ratner on Food Stamps' Surprising Success Story

Lizzy Ratner argues that the food stamp program is one of the few American safety net institutions that actually functions.

Nation Conversations: Frances Fox Piven: Occupy the Safety Net

The human crisis caused by extreme unequal distribution of wealth did not happen overnight. So why hasn't there been nation-wide populist movements like Occupy Wall Street until now?

Nation Conversations: Norm Stamper: The Police Are Not the Military

The militarization of our police forces has turned a vital public-safety institution against its own people.

Nation Conversations: Jordan Smith: Reproductive Health? Not in Rick Perry's Texas

As governor of Texas, Rick Perry has deliberately and systematically bankrupted state-provided healthcare for low income and uninsured women.

Nation Conversations: Mike Konczal: What Can We Do About Inequality in America?

With a prejudicial tax code and a decrease in financial regulations, it's a good time to be a CEO.

Nation Conversations: Graham Usher: Why Won't Pakistan Fight the Afghan Taliban?

American politicians try not to talk about it, but it's been apparent to the Pakistani security complex for some time: the Afghan Taliban cannot be militarily defeated.

Nation Conversations: Emily Douglas and Sarah Seltzer on Women at Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street may be a directly democratic and leaderless movement—but that doesn’t mean it lacks structure.