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Sarah Wildman: Pioneering Magazine '+972' Challenges the Status Quo

What makes +972 such a unique magazine with an extraordinary ability to shake up conventional ideas about Israel and Palestine?

Jeremy Scahill: Militant Blowback in Yemen

What role and responsibility does the United States have for the situation in Yemen?

John Sifton: Why Do Drones Disturb Us?

What makes drones so frightening to us now, when they have actually been around for decades?

Eyal Press: Refusing to Serve in Israel's Occupation

Eyal Press discusses his new book, Beautiful Souls, which tells of a young Israeli who struggles with the question of whether to serve in the occupied territories.

Ari Berman: The GOP's Redistricting Campaign Is Turning the South Red

How a Republican strategy to control politics on a local level affects the entire nation—politically, socially and beyond.

Madeline Ostrander: How Nebraskans Defeated the Keystone XL Pipeline

The grassroots victory shows that concern for fundamental issues such as health and clean water transcends party politics.

Derek McGee: From Occupied Iraq to Occupy Wall Street

Iraq vet, former financial adviser and OWS protester Derek McGee reflects on the changes that have occurred in this country since September 11, 2001. 

Ben Adler: Gingrich, Romney, Santorum and the Fight for Florida

Will the state's Republicans respond more to Gingrich's social conservative act, or Romney's businessman persona?

Jack Abramoff: 'Reform Bills Are Jokes'

The former "killer lobbyist" and convicted felon explains that although it will be difficult, the system he exploited must be changed. 

Jack Abramoff: I Never Liked Newt Gingrich

Abramoff made a lot of powerful friends during his days peddling influence in DC, but he never took a shining to Newt.