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Nation Conversations features exclusive audio of Nation forums, events, seminars and salons.

Nation Conversations: Calvin Trillin on Calvin Trillin

"Deadline Poet" Calvin Trillin reflects on the writing life and his favorite low-paying pinko rag.

Nation Conversations: Obama and the World

How much has foreign policy really changed under Obama?

Nation Conversations: Amitava Kumar and Hari Kunzru on Islamophobia

At the conclusion of a campaign season marred by Islamaphobic flash-points, how will politicians' increasing scapegoating of Muslim communities play out on the national and international political stage?

Nation Conversations: Judy Collins on a Life in Music and Politics

On this year's Nation Cruise, folk singer and life-long activist Judy Collins treated The Nation's readers, editors and writers to a humorous and engaging conversation with political correspondent John Nichols.

Nation Conversations: The Political Moment

A panel moderated by Calvin Trillin with Katrina vanden Heuvel, Jim Hightower, Melissa Harris-Perry, Chris Hayes and John Nichols weigh in on the current political moment and how progressives can change it for the better.

Nation Conversations: Richard Kim and John Nichols on Elections 2010

Are the Democrats cooked for 2010? Will the GOP continue it's rightward drift? Richard Kim and John Nichols explain, aboard the 2010 Nation Cruise.

Nation Conversations: The Future of Film Criticism

The Nation's Stuart Klawans recently joined David Sterrit of the National Society of Film Critics and Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly for a panel discussion moderated by Cinema Journal’s Heather Hendershot on the new methods for disseminating thoughtful writing about film.

Nation Conversations: Ari Berman and Howard Dean on the Democratic Party

Howard Dean joins Ari Berman to discuss Berman's new book and to examine how Democrats can amp up their base in the face of lagging enthusiasm and continuing partisan attacks.

Nation Conversations: Richard Trumka on Labor's Challenges

A talk with AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka on the state of the labor movement and plans for the future.

Nation Conversations: New York Public Advocate Bill de Blasio

The Supreme Court's Citizens United decision "will warp our democracy forever," says de Blasio, "if we let it do so." The challenge to progressives is to refocus and re-energize grassroots attention on the destructive role money plays in politics.