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  • January 6, 2010

    What Happened to Obama’s Movement?

    The Obama campaign was a massive grassroots mobilization, but a year later, has the organization that grew out of it failed to keep up the momentum?


  • December 29, 2009

    Why Attack Obama for Terrorist Acts?

    The Nation's Chris Hayes challenges the right wing rhetoric of conservative Rep. Peter King regarding the attempted terror attack on Christmas.


  • December 29, 2009

    Dave Zirin on the Year in Sports

    The Nation's Dave Zirin weighs in on the year's biggest controversies from A-Rod to Michael Vick to Tiger Woods.


  • December 28, 2009

    Journalism in 10: Dan Rather on the Future of Media

    Legendary ex-CBS anchor Dan Rather weighs in on the positives and negatives of transitioning predominantly to online media.


  • December 23, 2009

    2009: Looking Back on the Year and a Decade

    The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel joins a panel discussion and takes a look back on the past decade, which some are calling "the worst ever."


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  • December 22, 2009

    GOP Gets Desperate to Block Health Reform

    The Nation's DC editor Chris Hayes weighs in on the petty tone currently defining the Senate's healthcare battle.


  • December 20, 2009

    Investigative Reporting: ‘Luxury Item’?

    Jane Mayer offers a perspective on the troubling losses in the field of investigative reporting. Investigative reporting, which is a slow, expensive undertaking, has become a "luxury item" for many outlets.


  • December 18, 2009

    The Nation Interviews David Plouffe

    In an exclusive interview with The Nation, David Plouffe, former campaign manager of Obama for America, talks healthcare, messaging, and organizing after election day.

    Ari Melber

  • December 18, 2009

    The Breakdown: The Great Climate Debate

    Global warming is not just controversial, it's also pretty confusing. As world leaders debate in Copenhagen, politicians in Congress are pushing different plans to deal with climate change. Christopher Hayes breaks down the difference between cap and trade and a carbon tax.

    Christopher Hayes

  • December 18, 2009

    Congress Launches Investigation into Taliban Payola

    Rep. John Tierney (D-MA) discusses his subcommittee's investigation into charges that the Department of Defense is essentially bribing Taliban warlords so US supply lines can safely travel through Afghanistan.


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