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Loyal Readers

Reader dedication
Paid circulation: 113,859*
Read at least 3 out of last 4 issues: 90.0%
Read all 4 out of last 4 issues: 74.6%
Hours spent reading each issue: 1hr 11 min
Share issues with someone else: 42.6%
Save to refer to later: 46.6%


Over 16% of our readers are also Nation Builders who lend additional financial support to the magazine, much as supporters of public radio or television do. These committed readers receive our in-house newsletter and join Nation writers and editors for events and discussions across the country.

The Nation has 341,028 Twitter followers. This is more than Foreign Affairs, CQ Weekly, Roll Call, The Weekly Standard and National Review. The Nation also has over 207,000 "likes" on Facebook. This is more than National Review, The Hill, The American Prospect, The New Republic and National Journal. (As of May 31, 2014.)  Call for updated information.

More than 50 chartered Nation discussion groups are active throughout the country, providing a regular forum for Nation readers to meet and discuss The Nation and important issues of the day.

EmailNation is a hot-button digital newsletter on issues of concern to our readers that tells them how to effect public policy. As of January 2014, more than 177,000  people opted to receive EmailNation.

Total satisfaction:
Consider The Nation...
One of my favorites: 69.8%
Very good: 23.2%
Good:   5.8%
Actions taken as a result of reading The Nation
Became aware of a political, social or environmental issue: 84.8%
Discussed or passed along an article: 83.7%
Became interested in reading a specific book: 59.8%
Contacted an elected official: 33.0%
Donated to a cause: 27.2%
Saw a specific movie or bought a DVD: 19.2%
Gave subscription as a gift:   7.8%
Geographical area
Northeast: 27.1%
West: 24.8%
South: 23.5%
Midwest: 22.5%
*AAM audit:  December 31, 2014.
2012 Subscriber Study, MRI Market Solutions.


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Associate Publisher Sales

Ellen Bollinger
Vice President, Advertising


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