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Deck is stacked against women

I agree with Katha Pollitt that women’s economic situation is not considered often enough. Everything that has to do with reproduction affects women more than men. It is particularly true for women with children. The situation at work is not set up for women with children. There is a lack of affordable childcare, plus many women want to have flexibility in their work to be able to spend more time with their children. Professions often require graduate degrees, long hours at work, evening work, travel for conferences, etc., all which interfere with child rearing. Women frequently sacrifice professional opportunities to rear their children. That sacrifice affects them financially when they are young and then when they retire, having accumulated lower Social Security benefits and not having the retirement benefits that professions offer. The sacrifice can also include putting off marriage and children during the prime reproductive years, which can lower women’s ability to have children later. The conservatives still consider women chattel when it comes to raising children—women are told it is their duty to have children, and they are expected to take all of the responsibility of raising children, all without any economic consideration.