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Sarah Palin is one of the people who muddles around in life until they get the opportunity to become famous, and when they get this opportunity they suddenly realize that that is what they have been waiting for all their life, and they use every moment from then on to stay famous. It becomes their only reason for living, it is what they do, stay famous.

Does she have any other reason to be known? She has no ideas, no political plan, no knowledge, no support of any real political structure. She only has learned the "trick" of fame and how to stay famous. She has the "look," the "wink," the tone of voice, the tone that  betrays her racism, sexism and ignorance.

She can be heard by about 15 percent of the electorate and play to their fear and bigotry. She is used by shucksters like Glenn Beck and Russ Limbaugh to spice up their entertainment programs, get a solid audience and make millions of dollars, and also be famous themselves, and continue to be famous, which is what they want because it's a good living and they can feel good about themselves, at least temporarily.

Sarah Palin is like Paris Hilton. So I think she should divorce her Alaska fish-guy and marry Paris Hilton, then she could be Sarah Hilton. It would be the most outrageous and fabulous thing that either could do, and they both would assure their fame for many years to come.

Or maybe Paris could become Paris Palin? Has a ring to it…