Sandbags would stop it | The Nation

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The most effective way to manage liquid spills, of which we have many in this region, is through sandbagging. One cannot inhibit liquid spilling or flooding with other liquids—even if they are relatively viscous. On the other hand, one cannot manage such spills with solids, such as cement. This is because "solid" walls have unsound seams. Sandbags are fairly solid but pliable and therefore adapt their seams to one another to create a relatively solid wall. Relevant to the "spillage" in question, it cannot be managed by fluid coverings. No "cement" blocks or fluid cements could be effective, for they would either not "set" or they would leak at their seams. Sandbags of sufficient size would be lowered over the leaking site, one after another, until the leakage is stopped. It would not matter how many bags are necessary, because the site is relatively small. This solution is so obvious, that one can only speculate that those managing this spill are either stupid, or they are not interested in stopping the leakage, for reason of their hope to continue to mine the site. Such a solution would contain the leakage with a consistent placement of sandbags, at most in several days.