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Jason Lears’s contradictions

Jason Lears creates a portrait of Sam Harris, and the “New Atheists” in general, as individuals who cherry-pick religious writings in order to reveal contradictions in support of their narrow ideological agenda. These atheists, Lears would have us know, refuse to acknowledge the larger truths that might undermine their arguments and ultimately end up creating no more than a caricature of their perceived enemies.

And how does Lears go about exposing this?

By cherry-picking Harris’ writings in order to find contradictions that support Lears’s own argument and ignoring the larger points of Harris’s writings in order to create a caricature of his perceived enemy.

This is perhaps the most unenlightening book review that I have ever read. It reveals little but the reviewer’s own bitterness.

As I read this review I heard the echoes of a previous review concerning William James that briefly veered off topic to criticize Harris, Dawkins, etc. It turns out that it was also by Lears.

This guy sure has an ax to grind. I wish he would be more forthcoming about what he is trying to defend.