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Scientific = godless = evil?

After struggling through this alleged review of Sam Harris's excellent The Moral Landscape, I was left with three thoughts: I wondered what version of American history Lears is teaching at Rutgers; I doubted that Lears had even read Harris's book; and I fervently hoped that my subscription dollars did not in any way support publication of such trite tripe as this mendacious and simple-minded article. I can't wait for the acerbic retort from the pen of Doctor Harris.

Lears regurgitates the specious allegations that atheism and science were at the root of all evil in the bloody twentieth century. Can we combine those three words into one, since Lears clearly and disingenuously equates rational non-theism, evidence-based science and evil?

Surely, in his study of history, Lears has crossed the bloody trail of religionists, and of tyrants co-opting religion and mass credulity, to pursue their sociopathic agendas. If not, then I offer my condolences for the students under his tutelage.

His unfortunate article was a resounding echo of Christianity calling for the defense of their ill-acquired rice bowl, which scientific discovery and secular humanism is clearly threatening to upend.