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Tool of power

Jackson Lears has written a penetrating article evicerating the arguments and thinking of atheist pseudo-iconoclast and onanist of state power Sam Harris. The prevalence of thinkers like Sam Harris on the corporate media circuit is a testament of their usefulness to the doctrinal system of power. This is also backed up by their post 9/11 rhetoric, words that one suspects George W. Bush might even cringe at.

“When your enemy has no scruples, your own scruples become another weapon in his hand.” Is Sam Harris serious?

Lears shows in his article that one need only look at Harris’s own words to expose the onerous views and downright rickety argumentation that is on display in his popular books. More than this, the mindset and thinking that Harris’s books show is someone enamoured with the West and seemingly ignorant of or ambivalent about its crimes. Muslim or Arab people just don’t matter as much as white Westerners do; which, to be fair, is the position of American foreign policy and we wouldn’t want (or just don’t expect) Sam to buck the trend now. It has been very profitable for him.

Harris is ignorant of the mulifaceted nature of religious belief and religious people, ignorant of history and, perhaps worse for a scientist, he is ignorant of the history of science and philosophical thought on science

It just goes to show that being an atheist is not the end of rational inquiry, it is the beginning. Doctor Harris has some way to go.