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Ron Paul: adolescent senior citizen

Libertarianism is a philosophy, not a means of governance. And as such, it really is based on an adolescent selfishness and rationalization for one’s own self-centered behavior. I suppose someone can act like they are living a libertarian-oriented life; but no one can govern pursuant to the principles of that philosophy.

Our most recent example of libertarianism at work was set by Alan Greenspan, sycophant of Ayn Rand herself. His belief that the “free markets” would “self-regulate” against fraud led us to the eventual finanical calamity we still suffer from. He recently gave pathetic testimony in front of Congress admitting his beliefs in this regard were proven totally wrong.

Sure, the libertarian believes in absolute freedom; that means that absolutely there will be something on everyone’s wish list.

But the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution are not derived from adherence to freedom as an absolute goal but rather out of a shared responsibility of the government and its citizenry to each other.