Re 'Herding Donkeys' | The Nation

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We need more articles like this

Ari Berman's "Herding Donkeys," along with the article he wrote in The Nation during the 2008 presidential primaries about the (then) DNC Chair Howard Dean–initiated fifty-state strategy for the Democrats, are some of the most perceptive commentaries about what ails the Dems and the Obama administration. I hope The Nation will put greater focus on these types of internal organization issues as they affect the main political parties—as well as other organizational players in national politics such as Chambers of Commerce, different unions, etc. Many Nation articles are the authors' policy prescriptions for the administration ("What Obama Should Do About ____ [fill in the blank]"). Without an intelligent organizational approach and strategy for gaining real power, these policy prescriptions will never move beyond the debate stage. So please try to publish more analyses of organizations and shifting power dynamics.