Racism once again rears its ugly head | The Nation

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We have a black president. While most decent people should be proud of this, the Republican Party and the Tea Party are doing whatever they can to destroy him and not only bring him down but our country as well. If the debt ceiling bill is not passed, America will encounter a financial disaster far worse than what began in 2008 where millions of people lost their jobs and homes, and where the recovery is now still hobbling along. The racist Republicans and Tea Party don’t care if something much worse happens to us all. They are so angry that we have a black president they are willing to do anything to destroy him.

Barack Obama prevented the United States from entering a depression, ended the war in Iraq and is winding down the war in Afghanistan. He saved the US automobile industry from collapse, and passed a healthcare plan that, though it needs many changes, offered a path for 30 million people who never had medical insurance to finally have it, something every Democratic president since 1950 has wanted to do. None succeeded but he did. He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act that guarantees equal pay for equal work for women.

Despite all of these achievements in 2012 he won twenty-six states and Romney won twenty-four. He won 66 million votes to Romney’s 61 million votes. Despite all his achievements many, many people voted for a man who made his fortune by buying companies, and throwing longtime employees out of work who then lost their medical care and pensions, and many of these companies had to permanently close their doors while Romney and his cohorts at Bain Capital made hundreds of millions of dollars. Think about this for a second. This was not 2008 when Barack Obama was unknown. People in twenty-four out of fifty states in our country voted against a man who saved our country from entering a depression, saved the US automobile industry from collapse, extended healthcare to 30 million people who never had it before, and ended the war in Iraq. He should have won last November in a landslide.

The Republican Party and the Tea Party, before anyone ever heard of Barack Obama, were against Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, aid to the disabled and all the regulations that protect the foods we eat, the cars we drive, the toys our kids play with, the medicines we take and the products we use. They voted against all workplace safety laws that Congress enacted. They have always been intent on destroying unions. Ronald Reagan, when he was president, objected to making Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday a federal holiday. George H.W. Bush ran the infamous Willy Horton commercials when he ran against Dukakis. Bush and Cheney tried to steal the election in 2000 by turning away as many black voters in Florida and others states as they could. Today, in 2013 the Republican are increasing their efforts at voter suppression in minority communities. Today they have the help of the Tea Party who are modern-day Klu Klux Klan members without the sheets.

The Supreme Court has a majority of Republicans (Scallia, Thomas, Alito, Kennedy and Roberts) and they helped gut the Voting Rights Act earlier this year and they are intent on ending affirmative action this year. It is only the four liberals on the Court that are protecting us, Three who are Jews (Breyer, Kagan, and Bader-Ginsburg) and one Hispanic (Sontamayer). In 2012 71 percent of Jews voted for Obama and 76 percent of Hispanics did. Only 39 percent of whites voted to re-elect Barack Obama despite his having more accomplishments than any other president since Franklin Roosevelt.

Despite the disgraceful and willful destruction the Republicans are heaping on our country because they want to bring down and destroy the first black man to be president, don’t expect many changes. Oh, it may make you feel good to hear and read that the American people give Congress an approval rating of 10 percent, but don’t expect anything to change, because the same inept people are getting re-elected every term. Congress has had an abysmal approval rating for several years, but yet we keep re-electing these incompetents and racists. Senator Cruz recently spoke before adoring crowds.

The American people are racists. You don’t need only to look at the presidential election last year. Look at the recent trial of George Zimmerman. All across America on television and radio talk shows Zimmerman was portrayed as a hero and Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager returning home from buying a soft drink and snack, was portrayed as a thug and a criminal, and his friend who testified on his behalf was portrayed as an animal, with her appearance and speech attacked. On a normal day during the trial CNN.COM posted comments from 30,000 people, of which 98 percent supported Zimmerman. Does anyone believe that if Trayvon Martin has been white and George Zimmerman had been black, the same response would have happened? If a black man had murdered an unarmed white teenager, the American public would have wanted to put the black man in prison for life or give him the death penalty. The scales of justice in America have always leaned one way. If you are white, you are presumed innocent. If you are black, you are presumed guilty.

I hope that our nation does not default on the debt and throw the economy into a tailspin. Hopefully better heads will prevail. I also hope and I dream that we will realize that we are all our brother’s keeper and that no matter what the color of your skin, no matter what your religion, no matter what language you speak, no matter where you were born, and no matter whom you choose to love that we will realize are all equal in the eyes of the Lord.

Martin Luther King Jr. also dreamed about a better America. His dream, eloquently spoken fifty years ago about judging a man by the content of his character rather than by the color of his skin, sadly still remains a dream and a hope. America today is a nation where the Voting Rights Act has been gutted, the current Supreme Court is intent on doing the same to Affirmative Action, and where people hate our president so much because of the color of his skin that they are willing to destroy our nation in their attempt to bring him down.

Martin Luther King Jr. must be looking down at us from heaven weeping. Our country is being destroyed by people who have hate in their hearts. Hate never filled the belly of a hungry child. Hate never made a lame man walk again. Hate never made a old woman dying in a nursing home better. Hate never ended wars, it started them. Hate destroys. Sadly, America still has not realized this. We all should weep for our country.