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Taking back America

I believe this movement is necessary for our future, and that it will mature into an important role in re-leveling the playing field between the haves and have-nots. This is our only avenue. The rich and (mostly) the corporations have lobbyists that maneuver lawmaking to their advantage. The 99 percent have no other voice except the one we are using. I believe this will turn more directly against the 1 percent and should. Local governments will eventually understand our complaints, as there are many. I will list them from my point of view, just so I can better understand. Examples are: corporations inching down benefits and wages while making record profits and outlandish bonuses for the top few; insurance companies raising our costs, lowering our coverage, paying out less. Everyone knows about the extreme corruption in the housing industry. There are more. Congress only supports the 1 percent. Wall Street is at the heart of these problems. This country will be owned by the people again. We are just beginning.