Missing the point: unions improve the lives of workers | The Nation

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This article misses the point that my union is about improving the lives of workers and the services we provide. With SEIU, members like me have the opportunity to speak out in one voice against unfair and unsafe labor practices, low wages, and access to affordable healthcare, and can even influence political issues that affect the quality our lives and the our communities.

As a mental healthcare provider for ten years and an SEIU member for the last six years, I have seen firsthand the positive changes that can happen when workers and employers can agree on ways to improve critical services for communities and working conditions for the staff providing the services. With SEIU, my colleagues and I have been able to work with employers to create sensible shift schedules, improve communications during shift reporting and increased trainings to help stabilize the workforce

SEIU’s support and resources help level the playing field for consumers and workers and helps provide a path toward the American Dream.