Mike Huckabee Is Wrong About Single Mothers | The Nation

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Mike Huckabee is right

Children don’t get to choose their parents. But children who do not have a father and mother who lived together and raised the child together grow up to be different from those who do. They tend to be behaviorally competent but emotionally insecure. When they marry, they often make poor spouses, because they did not have the training by example from the older generation. They are much more likely to get divorced themselves, and perpetuate the downward economic cycle.

The literature shows that children raised by single mothers grow up with more depression and more life problems than others who grow up in the traditional family structure. Blaming the husband for the divorce is appropriate only about half the time; that is, when he is from the broken home.

Mike Huckabee is right that the traditional family structure must be made the model for our society. Barack Obama may not have known his own father, but he had a grandmother and grandfather who showed him the way. Life isn’t fair, but we have an obligation to raise kids in homes where love and discipline come in two flavors, male and female.