Jared Loughner's Glock: Weapon of Mass Destruction | The Nation

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We need you

Ms. Pollitt: As a long-time subscriber to (and a patron of) The Nation, I have long admired your work, and this piece confirmed every strand of my admiration for you. Your brilliant first paragraph alone—followed of course by a humane, heart-wrenching column with a bold, scary “awake-America” concluding paragraph—makes you and The Nation not just the most important liberal magazine in America, but a national treasure, a voice of sanity in these “heat-packing” days. But I don’t despair—not completely, not as long as you and your colleagues speak truth to power. It would merely be redundant for me to list all of the regular staffers of the magazine, but please pass this on to all of them for me if you have the time. Don’t stop writing, ever, we Yellow Dog Democrats need you. My four grown children and their children need you. I know because they have told me. Don’t get weary, America needs you.