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Guns, Walmart and US Customs

Yes, indeed, the largest importer in the United States provides weapons at great prices! But here is what makes this particularly upsetting: they are a partner with the DHS division of US Customs. A government agency, The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, has oversight of this largest importer into the United States, and not only that, [you will see s slideshow?] of the terms and conditions that Walmart must observe to be this partner. If you apply for a job at Walmart, your application will be vetted. You will have that application and your information reviewed, by terms and conditions of their partnership, by this division of DHS. They do not tell you this connection. You apply instore at a computer, and then when you are invited in, you are told that they might do a background check. But of course, if this is a contractual agreement, it would seem that has done before you are invited in for the interview. I just wanted to mention this because if Walmart is supplying these kinds of weapons, so is DHS. They are the partner. It would be interesting to learn how the applications for weapons are handled, who handles them etc.