Faulty Towers: The Crisis in Higher Education | The Nation

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Hits the nail on the head

“Professors need to get off their backsides and organize: department by department, institution to institution, state by state and across the nation as a whole. Tenured professors enjoy the strongest speech protections in society. It”s time they started using them.”

No doubt.

This article brilliantly sums up many thoughts I have had about the nature and future of higher education and the changes I have personally experienced in the ten years since earning my degree and becoming an associate professor. For years, many junior and recently tenured faculty such as myself have been muttering about the sinking ship of public higher education. By now, the water is well into the hull and the muttering must be transformed into something much, much louder. As a tenured faculty at an R1, I realize many would consider myself “lucky” (i.e., “so why complain?”). However, I also know that the relative stability I have is founded on an overall system that is toxic and unsustainable and tragically exploitative. It is a calamity, as described, and it goes very, very deep.