Faulty Towers: The Crisis in Higher Education | The Nation

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Non-academic options

I also enjoyed the honest look at the future of graduate students, but felt that this article overlooks one key factor, which needs to be pushed much more to the fore in these types of analysis, especially regarding humanities programs. That factor is that no graduate student should have academia presented as their only career option in any field, and be treated as inferior for wanting a non-academic career. I am entering a PhD program in art history at a major university in the fall with little intention to ever teach (although I will prepare for all of my available options). I want to curate a museum collection, and my back-up plan is to start my own consulting firm (essentially a museum temping agency) to help small museums that cannot hire permanent staff. These are also not my only non-academic options, although I have little interest in the commercial arts industry. My field has always encouraged students to look beyond academia in search of jobs, and I think its time for other humanities fields to do the same.