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Please, let us stop discussing the day-to-day (or year-to-year) policy disinformation distributed by this Bush Administration.

The policy of "power projection" has been the core Pentagon theory of American global dominance since before the end of WWII. That is, lands once claimed through military intervention or liberation and subsequent support of "friendly" regimes, will never be renounced. Rejection of American power on the host nation's soil, due to that nation's internal political evolution, or revolution, is viewed through a single lens of generic "opposition to American aims in the region." Power projection is maintained by in-close, in-uniform military presence, whether air force, navy, army or marine.

Yes, it is a modified colonial model, but always codified in the language of long-term strategic defense of American "self-interest," and hence American foreign policy objectives and initiatives. And here you must confront the liquidity of ideology and public deference to nationality when it seems to suit that general publics interest; do my needs knit together with a policy of imperial aggression/dominance, or does it not?

For about forty-five years, this policy of military/industrial dominance coincided with the material interests of the majority of the American public. This did, in fact, end with the end of the Vietnamam intervention (and the end of the aerospace industry in Southern California); that is, the correspondence between the growth of the military/industrial complex of the US and personal income growth, relative income equality and a shared national vision of the US as a superpower.

There is no shared vision any longer; only the ignorant and the ideologues among the "less-than-wealthy" continue to espouse the dominance theories of the American Enterprise Institute and James Dobson. So what is left for these world-dominance theorists, these heretics to democracy? Their tools, &agrave la the Authoritarian Model: surveillance and suppression. Disinformation, and the paying of gold to their supplicants... Stupid me... it has always been so for Empire.