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I refuse to be afraid, but I am angry and disgusted.

As stunning as it was when the Supremes ripped the recount out of the hands of the people of Florida and, by extension the rest of us, and as horrifying as the events of 9/11/01 were for us all, the most depressing and bewildering thing for me was discoving just how many cowards live among us.

It's not just ignorant rednecks and racists--this craven desire for fascism has occurred on every level, and bubbling just below the surface has had free reign for lo these many years; how else could so many in this country including, our so called leaders just roll over and let Cheney and his boy ride roughshod over the land?!

The crimes of this cabal are too many to recount here; but Nancy Polosi had and has no right to declare "impeachment is off the table". The Constitution demands it; the blood of our fathers and mothers cries out for it.

Did our fathers and grandfathers go to war on two fronts to protect us from fascism; only to have it take hold here?!

I despise these monsters for what they have done to my country and people; I'm glad I'm not young anymore and have no grandchildren. I grieve for those who are and do.

The Congress know what most of we the people expect from them and they are ignoring us; just as sure as the Bush Crime Family has.

We are wide awake now, and will not stop till death takes us--or justice is done.