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Thank for compiling this mass of truth. It's great that Iraq War vets are speaking out so clearly and forcefully about their experiences.

Here in Canada, we continue to welcome US military personnel who refuse to take part in the Iraq War. Many of them have served in Iraq, some more than once. They have similar stories to tell, and they have been telling them since 2004, when the first war resister, Jeremy Hinzman, came north.

The War Resisters Support Campaign exists to help the US soldiers, seamen, Marines, and airmen who come to Canada to seek sanctuary. These are people who did not wait until the military was finished with them. They decided on their own to leave the military.

One of them, Joshua Key, has written a book, The Deserter's Tale (with Lawrence Hill), which has been published in ten countries, including the US (Atlantic Monthly Press). In it, Josh describes some incidents and experiences that are similar to what are reported in your article. He also tells of his experience as an AWOL GI hiding out in the US for fourteen months before coming to Canada. I hope Nation readers will take a look at Josh's book, which is, I believe the first by a front-line solider about the Iraq War (we surely have enough accounts by "experts and "analysts").

In writing about Iraq War veterans, please don't ignore those who have decided to come to Canada. They are as much a part of the reality of the war as other veterans, and they have been speaking their truth for a long time. Their message has gone out all over the world via TV radio, and print, in languages including Japanese to Basque and everything in between. The war resisters in Canada have had a big impact in educating the world about the reality of Iraq, and it's great to see The Nation adding to that with this article.