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Soldiers again. Between Kerry calling us "uneducated losers" and The Nation making us out to be "victims" and "killers." I for one love serving my America.

The basic problem with all these soldier's stories (some have by the way been debunked already) is that you sought out the most anti-American and leftist "veteran" organizations out there. Why not go to a regular veterans' organanization like the VFW or the American Legion that is respected by most vets. It's because you all want to hear about these stories to confirm your bias. It’s a guarantee that some will be exaggerated and some false. I could give you fifty soldiers' stories that could paint a very different picture.

I have served in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. I am about to go again. I may not be the highest speed infantryman but I have not seen one-millionth of what is said here. Are there bad things that happened and will happen? Yes! It happens in every war and the incidents are very low in this war.