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I find this new law appalling on so many levels, more than I am able to express.

I am seeing a terrible trend in this country. Groups are being selected--first it was Muslims and now (again) Hispanics (as has happened in the past)--as being somehow "other," somehow not "acceptable" in America--not American, not fully human.

As a former historian, I know that there has always been racism in America. Of that I have no illusions. I had hoped with Obama's election America could be turning an important corner. But, alas, this is not happening. In fact, the opposite seems to be happening. Racism has now been given credence by the law passed in Arizona.

Already other states, including my own state, is voicing interest in enacting legislation similar to Arizona's law.

What is next for America? People being forced to wear a symbol on their clothing to indicate their ethnicity and their eligibility to be in this country?

I strongly urge all Americans to take a stand against this law. I am asking everyone I know to boycott Arizona and its businesses until this law is repealed and to write their elected officials to let them know this law is intolerable.