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I have been following this North and South Cacausus thing for over twenty years as a poli-sci expert and news and features editor--a lot longer than any intern--and I have written about the nature of the problem also. But I must warn the West: the overthrow of Putin/Medvedev would lead to a much, much worse despotic-type regime. It would elevate to power a former Yeltsin-era CPSU member with notions of Russian "Manifest Destiny" or a current Communist-elite like Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov, the first secretary now running the show. It would not stop terror, only increase the move to the left, harden the hidden post-Soviet ambitions of the CPSU and technically re-create the Soviet Union. The Russian Empire is 1,000 years old (Tsarist or Soviet) and is a land of dozens of countries, peoples and languages, and they don't need to add the Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics back to turn back the clocks twenty years. They will do what they need to do; who are we to lecture anyone on us of force versus terrorism? We advocated the break-up of the Soviet Union in a somewhat violent manner, and now you have what the West did not anticipate: a revanchist Russian Empire that will lash out defensively as they did in August 2008!