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I try not to be paranoid. But, whoa and hey... it's difficult.

A sister of mine who is a staunch "conservative" recently wrote me an e-mail in which she asks/states: "So now people like me are being told we 'have no business on this earth!' (?)"

She is a real astate agent who once worked three jobs while she raised two kids after divorce. She's been getting e-maill manifestos from the likes of Chuck Norris. Basically, they tell her her entire way of life is at stake--Jesus and family and private enterprise are all being compromised, if not hijacked, by the current "left-wing" administration, etc.

I don't even know what to say/write to her back. If I so much as suggest to her that there's some paranoid ideology out there that exploits her (whether inadvertently or not), I am immediately cut off, having become the "boogie."

Exactly ten years older than me--she married in her sophmore year in college, and then quit college, had two kids and within ten years was a single mom.

I got my masters degree. Already, right there, we're separated, like it or not. By way of college and an advanced degree, I have become something she has come to be suspicous of. "No business on this earth..."

Does that mean people like her, who align themselves with "conservatives," whether in their best interests or not, are feeling "disenfranchised" (to put it mildly)? And, if so, what does one say or do to bridge that gap, when, in fact, a plethora of "interests" not friendly to either of us appears to prevail---houses worth less than we've paid into, yet the banks are solvent by way of tax dollars (our dollars)?

I was going to comment on the Pliney thing, and how ACORN's been dissolved.... ah, well, enough. Please visit neonewspub.com. Thanks.