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I am the father of one of the former soldiers interviewed in "The Other War," Specialist Philip Chrystal, and I couldn't be prouder of him and all of the other interviewees who have taken a risk by talking outside of the military culture to tell an unknowing public the truth about what they saw in Iraq.

In almost daily contact with Phil when he was overseas, I can tell you that he was deeply affected by the experiences related in the article and by other events. While serving there, he was also fully aware that I was burying young men killed in Iraq (to date I have conducted three funerals for Iraq KIAs and I've worked with the families of two Nevada Army National Guardsmen who were killed in Afghanistan--one of whom was Sgt. Patrick Stewart, a Wiccan, who was denied a memorial plaque bearing the symbol of his faith until his wife, Roberta, sued in Federal District Court and the Veterans Administration settled).

Because of my activities on the "homefront," I echo what is being said by the veterans in the article, and add that this country isn't taking adequate care of many of the families of those who are killed.

Thanks for this marvelous piece. May it help to wake up our sleeping nation!