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Re orchestrated crises.

Unless healthcare is primarily a jobs program, what reason has The Nation to examine, on behalf of the reader, what it is that makes an idiot (such as Glenn Beck) to be an idiot?

Conservatives, I think, would like to be able to say to the rest of us that, under the new system, it will be government employees who have us ("us" now being the employers) by the balls, and that this will not be essentially different from our being had by a smaller number of more blatantly greedy insurance executives.

The Post Office, too, was a great idea. Now, even though, six days per week, it still gives personal attention to every address in this country, it's going out of business. Yes, this is caused, in great part, not by demands made by ordinary postal employees (though you'd see postal employees' wages and benefits differently if it were your good health and not a letter from Grandma that was at stake) but by the presence in the Post Office of highly paid, bonus-promised administrators, who were foisted upon us by conservatives. It's simply the case that conservatives can't bring themselves to say this of themselves. There's no reason why we can't say it to ourselves, of conservatives.

If we had control of Congress, it would've taken at most one day for our employees in Congress, those usually known to us as bureaucrats, to have written a bill that said that those who employ members of Congress have a right to at least the insurance plan that Congress has, and that such an insurance plan is best administered under a one-payer system. Democratic members of Congress, I would remind the reader, figure their income taxes on the same form as the one used by Republican members. And so do those who are responsible for meeting/exceeding whatever has been decided will be the bottom line for The Nation.