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I am the first generation of a legal immigrant. My father applied and waited for his approval to enter the country legally.

I am sick and tired of the horror stories and the hand-wringing of the illegals here in the United States. This is a nation of laws--if you are here illegally you broke the law and therefore you are a criminal. I feel no compassion whatsoever for the any person who has compromised his or her standing by entering the US illegally. I would like to see on the 6 o'clock news every evening for about a month the coverage of illegals and their employers being hauled off in cuffs and leg chains. If you want to come here to reap the benefits of America, do it legally like so many have done in the past, as my father did.

What ever misfortune comes your way, remember: you broke our laws.

Harsh but honest. One nation, one flag, one language.