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I think our current immigration policy is backwards. Instead of allowing in educated immigrants legally we are allowing in uneducated immigrants illegally. Educated immigrants would create more jobs, open more businesses, drain fewer dwindling resources and provide a bigger contribution to the tax base. Educated immigrants would provide more valuable human capital to help America face the challenge of the twenty-first century.

Unfortunately, we have chosen the opposite path. We allow in, illegally, uneducated immigrants who can't speak English (our common bond), who place a huge drain on public resources and commit an inordinate amount of crime.

Ironically, both the right and left of the America political spectrum contribute to today's upside-down policy. The right likes the cheaper cost of the uneducated immigrant, while the left views the uneducated immigrant as a new member of the entitlement class who will continually vote for those who feed government dependancy.

A sound immigration policy to make America stronger would require all immigrants to:
1) Speak English
2) Have an IQ (as measured by a standardized test) of at least 120
3) Purchase and maintain at their own expense a healthcare insurance policy
4) Have a job, an enrollment in an accredited college, or the sponsorship of an American citizen for a period not to exceed one year while they get a job
5) End anchor immigration
6) Not receive any public welfare benefits.

Let's make America a magnet for the world's best and brightest, we can't afford any less.