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Curiously absent Hari's article is any mention of population growth and its domestic face, immigration. It is a fools errand to champion CO2 reduction and saving rainforests, etc. without addressing the juggernaut of the aforementioned dual horsemen.

Every "environmental" organization should devote significant resources to population issues, i.e., forestalling the next forecast 50 percent increase in the numbers of Homo sapiens devouring the planet. At a national level this means being honest and reining in immigration numbers so the United States can have an honest shot at a sustainable future.

It is inexcusable how the Sierra Club, the Population Connection (a k a ZPG) and the Southern Poverty Law Center work to undermine this laudable goal, choosing denial or calculated smear of racism to avoid the glaring truth: the United States will bloat to 1 billion people unless these issues are faced.