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In the clarity and uncompromising light of Mr. Hari's article, I am confounded by those who use such terms as "angry whining" and claim that he doesn't offer solutions, only problems. His accomplishment is that he concisely lays out the scope and severity of the climate crisis and its implications, which I believe to be the biggest story, indeed, of human life on this planet, and an appropriate next step would be to come together, at the grassroots level and craft solutions, and to vote with our wallets and our ballot boxes.

It's time to talk to our neighbors, appeal to that part of us that has enabled this species to continue for over a million years in an unbroken line of survivors. We must come together because this is after all the only game in town. To cast aspersions on him for living in "magical unicornland" only detracts from the letter-writer's credibility. Let's stop wasting valuable time in a childish display of pique. Let's find ways to ensure that indigenous ("first") nations are given their rightful voices, and that political states are held to a level of responsibility. We are all stakeholders.