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If you truly want to move this agenda forward, we nbeed to go back and evaluate, fairly and honestly. Too much credibility has been lost because of the exposure of climate fraud masquerading as science.

There needs to be an open commission representing scientists of all viewpoints, political people of all viewpoints and other interested groups. Give it say, a max of four years to report. Openly re-evaluating the evidence with proper safeguards for all minority viewpoints, we can get a basic idea of what we are dealing with.

Only the pro-fraud forces have anything to lose. Why else would anyone oppose truth-finding?

I am reminded of the Novostni report from December that the IPCC group ignored the majority of weather stations in Russia, in order to create a false picture of non-existent warming. Such items are not "climate science" but fraud, which needs to be corrected to restore any credibility.