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PBS and NPR have been thoroughly scared by the incessant attacks from the neocon right and the brush with death during the Bush cabal. It shows. They have lost their gumption, guts, voice and dedication to diverse voices and dissenting viewpoints.

Bill Moyers is a holdover from the other PBS and it seems it will probably replace him with some milquetoast Beltway villager or castoff from the New York Times. That's my bet.

Show after show that addresses real issues and is open to other than mainstream viewpoints has been starved of funds and/or support from either the local stations or the national CPB/PBS hydra. The real problem these days are the "local stations," the onetime strength of PBS.

The ever-increasing need for corporate support has neutered the programming and PBS is increasingly becoming populated with villagers from the commercial networks--not a welcome trend.

PBS needs to be liberated from the tyranny of nutball program directors at stations out in Tea Party country and go direct to satellite/cable, around the stations who can subscribe to programs if they wish.

I don't give money to any local PBS affiliate because they waste the money on BS like local yokel crap and Lawrence Welk reruns while putting Now, Independent Lens, POV and other quality fare in death slots at odd times. I would gladly give money directly to PBS to produce quality public affairs programming.

I will support quality programming--but not just hand it over to some local PD who values another cooking show over the arts and Ppublic affairs. I hope PBS is listening.